Polishing- and Abrasive compound

on basis of surface optimized metal oxides

COFERPOL UG is the better substitute of Cerium Oxide.

Polishing- & Abrasive Characteristics
best surface quality
high abrasive power = fast polishing (50% faster than Cerium Oxide)
long life
high shape and and heat stability

Al2O3, Cr2O3 , Si2O:min. 98 %
Particle form:spherical
Predominant particle size:~ 0,3 micron
Density:5,2 g/ml

Product Characteristics
No dangerous cargo
Not regarded as hazardous waste, as defined by EU Directive 91/689/EEC

Advantage of raw materials and location
Manufactured synthetically in Germany by large-scale production

Gerd Kruft, born 1939 in Germany, is one of the most famous glass artists in Europe. A graduate from the highly recognized State School for Glass Design in Rheinbach, Germany, he has been working with glass for 57 years. His objects which are mostly made from optical glass require highest precision, cleanliness and perfect polishing.

After 20 years using Cerium Oxide, Gerd Kruft prefers COFERPOL UG: “It’s only half the circle time compared to Cerium Oxide, and the polishing quality is even better. Another advantage, though not deciding for me, is the price of COFERPOL UG”.

We also deliver CRYOLITE synthetical in powder and granular form.